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Roots & Mane
Color Kit

Whether it's a busy schedule, travel or something else keeping you from getting into the salon for root touch-ups, we are happy to accommodate existing clients with a to-go color kit customized just for you. 

Color Kit.jpg

Reserve your color kit with your stylist

Your stylist will prepare a color kit for you to pick up at the salon. Please ensure you are able to use the kit within 4 hours of picking it up. 


Prep your work space

Please ensure you protect your work area, vanity and floor with an old towel. Lay out all the contents of your color kit for easy access during your application process and put on the gloves provided to you. 


Shake to activate color

Shake your color until it is free of lumps and it becomes a nice, smooth texture. 


Apply, Set & Rinse

Download full directions for all the pro-tips on how to apply your root touch-up color. 


Roots & Mane

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