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Jeremy, Jessica, and Marissa founded Roots & Mane in 2017, creating a vision for a salon that felt luxurious yet cozy. Having been part of a successful salon in the past, then moving to individual studios, they craved a place to call home as a family to work all together again.


Roots & Mane became that home. 


Sisters, Marissa and Jessica, come from a long line of entrepreneurship, having grown up with great examples set before them by parents and grandparents. 


Marissa knew that owning a salon would be the perfect fit for this dynamic trio, bringing all their gifts and abilities together to create a family business. It might have taken a little extra convincing, but soon Jessica and Jeremy were on board to make the leap. 


They bought a space, began remodeling and their vision became a reality.


The name Roots & Mane is layered with meaning and a lot of heart. Family is rooted at the core of this business. We have Marissa and Jessica, who have been side by side as sisters for their entire lives, and who value family over everything. And Jeremy married Jessica 22 years ago and they have worked together for 18 of those years - ever so harmoniously. 


All three owners share a love for their craft, their clients and each other making this partnership oh-so magical. Their family roots run deep, leaning into their “why” for creating a salon.

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9896 Rosemont Ave

Building 3, Suite 202

Lone Tree, CO 80124

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